"Civil war? What does that mean?
Is there any foreign war? Isn't every war fought between men, between brothers?"

- Victor Hugo

PURCHASE new game: "Spanish Civil War Commander"

Why do peaceful people like the history of war?

I was wondering why I like history so much and this thought came to me:
The study of history gives you a sense of equality with the subjects you are studying. You can know a subject or person almost as well as their contemporaries; sometimes better, considering you have decades or centuries of insight at your disposal. The advantage of having one thousand authors write an account of what happened from different points of view, over a long period of time, cannot be replicated at the time the events are taking place.
The study of military history gives you an irresistible elation of being in the battlefield without the risk. You are beside a wild beast, frozen in time, which cannot hurt you; yet you can examine all its features in detail.
More than anything, in a modern world daily offering the perils of an unknown future, history, with it’s neatly organized beginning middle and end, gives us a comfort found nowhere else."

The purpose of the game

Learning military strategic thinking & critical analysis can be fun!

The rational behind war games is not only to study an old conflict for the sake of learning history. It is to be immersed in the facts surrounding the dynamics of those conflicts and exercise practical movements on the game board. It is to establish a way of thinking and nurture a strategic approach to every day challenges in learning and in business, which can become second nature.

This game helps young people develop a love for learning and acquiring information by taking part in adventure. It helps people of all ages enhance their strategic thinking skills in every area of life, in one of the most enjoyable ways possible.

Putting play to good use

Get into the brains of the greatest military commanders!

Military confrontation is a history in itself. A specific war or battle makes for good reading. It has a beginning, middle and end, from the build up leading to the conflict through to its aftermath. In most cases, it’s fast-paced and has defined results.

Military biographies are also great reads. Focusing on the life and military experience of one individual, they provide interesting historical background information, filled with fascinating facts, often presented from the perspective of book’s subject.

Learning about wars and battles goes far beyond history. We gain knowledge about the economy, finance, sociology, religion, statistical analysis, project management, logistics, international relations, and cost analysis vs. reward.

Studying military manoeuvres prompts competitiveness. It teaches the importance of leadership, responsibility, and the consequence of making the smallest decisions. We learn how preparation will save us from the clutches of defeat. Military thought processes and action methodology can be applied to anything we do.

Our team commanders

From strategic planning through implementation and testing

The CWC Development Team has invested over 2000 hours of research and development in each war game.
Our intention is to:
  1. Create the ultimate war game entertainment with near-infinite combinations of play.
  2. Keep close to military reality while eliminating unnecessary complexity.
  3. Provide a strong educational component not only for the military student but anyone interested in political and social history.

Now it’s YOUR turn to take command!

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PURCHASE new game: "Spanish Civil War Commander"

Our game creator

Andy De Campos

People love to play war games. It is an escape from reality. For an hour or two, you are the supreme leader. There are no politics except for success on the battlefield.

I fell in love with the dynamics of war at a young age. While I had a thirst for knowledge as a child, I didn’t relate well to the way learning was taught at school. One day I saw a TV commercial about a publication coming out in weekly segments in the newspaper. The topic: The great battles of World War II. The commercial invited readers to “come and have breakfast with these commanders”, and included photos of Montgomery, Patton, and others.

I started reading those segments – full of strategies, maps, charts and pictures – and became absorbed by them. What attracted me to war and battle was not the violence, but the fast-moving histories they’re part of. Strategy, decisions, intelligence… all of that was exhilarating.

My childhood interest continued into my teenage years in Portugal. Going to school by train, I would read periodical book and magazine publications about great battles and wars. Each historic conflict had a beginning, middle and end, and was full of knowledge.

Since then, I have been researching the subject of warfare for a quarter of a century. The lessons I’ve learned from this lifelong interest I have applied to my professional career, working both in the corporate world and successfully starting three of my own businesses.

I am currently taking a master's degree in Military History at the Citadel Military College of South Carolina (where the American Civil War began).

I found a home for my learning requirements 30 years ago, and it has been my home ever since. I hope to help you find your own home.


My mom, Fatima Andrade: for being a great example of the power of teaching.
My dad; Luis Campos: for inspiring me to learn.
My wife, Carol Tsang: for the most important support in believing in my capacities better than I could.
My children Nat, Christina and Robbie: for the first to test-play the games and for their loving interest in history.
George Phillies: for his exhaustive online sessions on war game design.
Rev. Greg Morrison: for encouraging me to pursue the passions of my youth.
My great uncle, Gilberto Ferreira: the person who sparked this great love for history.